0. Legality

Do not post, comment, discuss, message, request, link, produce, or otherwise aid in the dissemination of content illegal in the United States. This includes all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations present at any level: be they local, municipal, state, federal, or otherwise as implied by the sovereignty of the United States and its Constitution. This rule has no bearing on content deemed illegal in other countries but still fully compliant with the above. Nendly does not recognize the authority of other nations and will not comply with subpoenas, demands, threats, injunctions, or censorship requests of any sort that are not filed and signed by courts or other legal authorities operating on behalf of the United States or its territories. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a permanent ban.

If you are indeed American law enforcement or otherwise part of the justice system, please sign up for an account using your official (usually .gov) email address, and write a report via n/legal. Please include proof of your official capacity and jurisdiction when making the request. Nendly is based in the state of Tennessee, so reach out to our state law enforcement for the necessary resources if you don't have jurisdiction.

If you are foreign law enforcement, please apply for legal relevance in a court recognized in Davidson County, Tennessee. If this is not possible due to a lack of agreement between your country and the United States, then please just find a way to accept that I'm not going to fulfill your request. I believe that all people are entitled to the freedoms as me, regardless of their nationality. For this reason I will contact any users involved to inform them of your request, and will offer them alternative avenues to use Nendly beyond the reach of your government's surveillance.

If you represent someone who's intellectual work is being illegally reproduced or linked to on Nendly, you may file a DMCA take-down request via n/dmca. Please include all the relevant information necessary for the request under the law, or we won't take action. Do understand that abuse of the DMCA system is considered an act of perjury.

1. Age Restrictions

You will immediately cease usage of the site if you are under the age of 13. If you are a legal adult, you will not knowingly message a minor without the explicit permission of the minor's parents or legal guardians. Nendly takes this extremely seriously and will readily contact law enforcement upon discovery of illegal communications of any kind.

2. Doxxing and Harassment

Do not post or request anyone's personal information, be they users of Nendly or not. Do not threaten or intimidate other people. Do not advocate for the harm of another person, whether physically, occupationally, or otherwise. Do not organize attacks on other websites. These will result in bans.

3. Hacking

Do not attempt to hack, damage, or otherwise disrupt Nendly's infrastructure. Obviously you'll be banned regardless of whether you succeed. Note, if you are the first to find and responsibly report a security vulnerability via n/security, you'll instead be rewarded.

4. Automated Activity

Automated behaviors are strictly forbidden. You may not scrape, download, duplicate, post, comment, message, vote, or otherwise interact with Nendly in any automated manner. There are a few special exceptions. Text-to-speech processors and other accessibility aids are allowed provided they only access content as directed by their human users. Additionally, if a room's members are in unanimous agreement regarding the presence of a bot, the bot is allowed to operate in that room. The bot must not collect user data, and must never create its own rooms.

5. Advertising

Do not advertise on Nendly. This includes paid promotional posts, overt or otherwise. Affiliate links are never allowed. You may discuss goods and services in boards where they are on topic, but be mindful of this rule.

6. Spam and Low Effort Content

Spamming, whether it be in posts, comments, messages, or rooms will get you banned. Extremely low effort content will get your contributions deleted, but you won't be banned unless it's over-the-top or done soon after being warned. Although low effort content comes in many forms, one simple example is copy-pasting a previously submitted post.

7. Stay on Topic

Keep content related to the topic at hand, whether that be posts on a board or comments on a post. Each board has its own definition for "on topic" so make sure to read each board's specific rules before posting. Failure to do this will lead to the post being moved to n/misc unless more drastic action is necessary.

8. Harsh Language

Ideas won't get you in trouble on Nendly, but how you advance them will. Our goal is to have interesting discussions, so harsh language and pejoratives are counterproductive. Try to engage the ideas, not the person, when you formulate your arguments. Recognize too that Nendly promotes content based on the quality of the dialogue, so if your wording drives people away, it just means fewer people will see it. A corollary of this is to avoid replying to people who are looking for a shouting match: just downvote, report, and move on.

9. Evasion

Do not evade bans, mutes, or other punishments. This will only make things worse. Soon we will have n/bans, where you'll be able to see actions taken against your account, and where you'll be able to appeal your punishments. For the time being just try to understand that we are trying our best, and sometimes mistakes are made.

10. Impersonation

Don't try to be someone you aren't. The penalty for this includes a forced username change, and, in the event that you are pretending to be an admin, moderator, or someone otherwise associated with Nendly, a ban.

11. NSFW or NSFL

For the time being, this is not allowed. I want to make sure our spam system is bullet-proof before I take the risk of allowing this.

12. Markets

Do not conduct business on Nendly. Do not sell or buy anything via the tipping system or through any other means. Do not sell accounts or usernames.


All posts must contain a link to article from a real news source (as in, no fantasy news or Onion articles).


All posts must contain a clear, one-sentence thesis, which will become the topic for the discussion. If no one can tell what you are trying to argue, it's a bad post.


Move all cryptocurrency discussions to n/crypto unless it's not the central focus of the discussion at hand.


All posts must contain a link to a picture, and contain attribution to whoever created it. Make sure you have the legal right to share the image before posting it.


All posts must contain a piece of art (of any kind) you'd like critiqued.


All posts must contain a joke of some sort.


All posts must contain some kind of puzzle (could be a riddle, cipher, etc.). It's good etiquette to reveal the answer as a reply to your own post even if no one figures it out.