I'll be moving my projects from TetraLoom to Nendly very soon.

Onion Faucet

Using Tor, click the link below for some free nano.

Sugarchain pool

I run a Sugarchain mining pool. Sugarchain is one of the few cryptocurrenies for which GPU and ASIC miners aren't present, so your CPU power actually is enough to mine blocks (you won't have to wait years to get a block reward). My pool makes it even faster, since all our Nendly users can access the pool and mine cooperatively.

To mine with us, Download the latest mining software and use either of the following commands (the second is for high-performance computers).

./cpuminer -o stratum+tcp://sugar.nendly.com:4444 -a yespower -u sugar_address -tnumber_of_CPU_cores

./cpuminer -o stratum+tcp://sugar.nendly.com:6666 -a yespower -u sugar_address -tnumber_of_CPU_cores